• Clare - vol.17 cover || by Norihiro Yagi from Claymore artbook.
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Teresa of the faint smile 154

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Claymore (クレイモア)
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Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

"We’re the freakin’ Guardians of the Galaxy!"

#gotgpicoftheday Yes! After a month of release, #GuardiansoftheGalaxy is again number one for the weekend! Thanks! #gotg (x)

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Hawkeye and Rocket are my absolute favorite Marvel characters so when I heard that there was an Avengers/Guardians cross over in Avengers Assemble, I was hoping for them to interact. This was what I got

I honestly wasn’t sure what I was expecting but this was so much better


The Reunion
Art by Ed McGuinness (pencils), Mark Farmer (inks) & Justin Ponsor (colors)